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Brisbane Brunch & Breakfast: The Burrow October 23, 2012

The Burrow

37 Mollison Street | West End

The Burrow is in the old spot of the Ottomon (Turkish food) restaurant, a few steps up for the Gunshop Cafe and diagonally across from Three Monkeys. On walking in, it seemed pretty bohemian with Spanish/mexican music playing, long wooden shared tables and also smaller round tables scattered about.  There was an upstairs area, but I didn’t see it.  It was pretty much a seat yourself affair and orders at the counter.

The breakfast menu was awesome.  SO many things I wanted to try like ‘A bit Cheeky’ – beef cheeks with duxelle mushrooms, poached egg on rye toast with a red wine jus ($17) or ‘Little Pig, Little Pig’ – Cider braised pork belly with celeriac puree, fried egg, poached pear and apple jelly ($17).

I wanted to have A bit Cheeky, but it was sold out (excuse for another visit! YAY!) so ended up with my second choice of ‘El Desperado Taco’ – pulled pork in soft totilla, huevos rancheros, salsa, poached egg, sour cream and this awesome-though very hot-green chilli thing.

It was a hot day, so I ordered a soy ice coffee, made on real espresson, and came without cream.  The meals took slightly longer, but wasn’t a ridiculous wait and came on a huge round bread board.  It wasn’t really Huevos Rancheros (which is supposed to be corn tortilla topped with refried beans, guacomole, salsa, chilli and a fried egg) instead, it was like a housemade – tomato beans with chopped salad, salsa, sour cream and the green chili which I took to be avocado, but wasn’t. The pulled pork in the soft corn tortilla was BRILLIANT and absolutely delicious, so I didn’t mind that there weren’t refried or black beans. The poached egg oozed beautifully too…although there had to be some quick manuvering of food on the board so it didn’t ooze all the way onto the table.

Now, I pretty much ate everything, and was so full, and fulfilled I didn’ t even have lunch that day (a RARITY).  This could be my new favourite breakfast venue.  There were also lots of gluten free cakes, vegan cupcakes that looked devine.  I can’t wait to head back next time to see if the other breakfast items measure up.

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Mondo – New Menu October 16, 2009

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First of all, I’d like to apologise for the lack of photographs from my recent Mondo dining experience. Mondo has muted low lighting, most of the illumination in the restaurant (inside and out) comes from tea lights that adorn every table. Nice atmosphere, but not so great for picture taking. Especially bad when the only thing I have to work with is my iPhone camera. Three things I’d liked this Christmas (but have a 0% chance of getting):

1. A KitchenAid Artisan Mixer in the Limited Edition Candy Apple Red – the colour is absolutely gloriously, delicious;

2. A very good camera – one of those intimidating big ones, just so I can look intimidating and knowledgeable; and

3. Funnily enough, a bicycle, but mainly because my sister just got one, and I’ve suddenly convinced myself that I’ve always wanted to ride to pilates etc etc (I think of all the myriad of uses to justify wanting one).

I digress, my point is, I don’t have a camera and I need one, but that’s also my justification of not having any pictures from Mondo, it was dark and I didn’t have my iPhone or a camera. I know most of us eat with our eyes, so let’s just trust in the fact that Mondo is good.

The service is friendly, attentive, water comes unasked and the waitresses are knowledgeable. Love that. I’ve actually been to restaurants where you ask them for recommendations and they say, “I’ve never had anything on the menu…” or “I don’t eat fish.” in a seafood restaurant, so it’s great when they know what is great. Plus, I love getting recommendations from people.

There were two cocktail specials that night, an apple and basil and a sugared bourbon and mint – there were all these other fancy alcoholic ingredients, but I’m sorry to say I don’t remember. My friend ordered the apple and I ordered the one with sugar. The cocktails came and I took a sip of mine, and managed to convice my friend to swap with me, it was just too strong for me, I’m not the greatest drinker. The apple martini drink I ended up with was sweet, had a twist of tang and was delicious.

An amuse bouche came almost straight away, a cold cauliflower soup with walnut sourdough. The soup was rich with cauliflower flavour and was a cool contrast to the quite sour sourdough bread. It definitely whet my appetite.

I was excited to go to Mondo because they have just had a menu change. To start I ordered seared tin can bay scallops with crispy skin duck and a cauliflower and cabbage terrine. Made me very happy, scallops being one of my favourite seafood and duck being my favourite bird, the scallops were small but seared perfectly so it was sweet and tender in the middle, the duck were tender cubes with crisp skins – though it didn’t have the roast duck taste you get in Chinese crispy duck. The cauliflower and cabbage terrine was strong in cauliflower taste and the texture – a smooth custard. Delicious.

I love a crispy, tender pork belly, so I went for the crispy skin pork cutlet baby leeks, celeriac, pear, fennel and cider puree. I was a bit disappointed, I could not find any crispy skin on the pork at all, the cutlet was a generous size but a bit dry, the pear puree only tasted of pear and the celeriac over powered the dish. Definitely doesn’t come close to a pork belly.

For dessert, I was tossed between the raspberry souffle and the chocolate pudding, but based on the waitress’s recommendation, I went for the souffle, which came with vanilla cream and lemon myrtle sorbet. I was not disappointed, the souffle came, bursting out of its ceramic confines, was billowy, light and delicious. The raspberry cut through the sweetness whilst the black specked vanilla cream balanced the raspberry. The lemon myrtle sorbet was interesting, had that sort of eucalyptus oil fragrance about it. It was a rather high end to the meal.

My friend and I chatted for a while after that and I never felt that we were rushed and we weren’t constantly pestered to see if we needed anything else. At around 10, shot glasses of their espresso cocktail was passed around – friendly, subtle hint to leave? I did and I was happy and satisfied.


Breakfast at Mondo Organics June 19, 2009

Not too far from the strip of busy, cheap eateries of Hardgrave Street, you’ll find Mondo Organics.  Quite a contrast to the bustling atmosphere of some of the Vietnamese restaurants in the area, Mondo Organics is a surprise find in its inner city location.

Mondo Organics, as the name suggests, use organic produce, free range meat and their seafood is sourced from ecological, sustainable fisheries.  They also claim to serve wild line-caught fish which gives me a great image of someone in rubber overalls fishing all day just to feed hungry city people.

I enjoy going to Mondo because it more than caters for people with wheat/gluten intolerance.  At other restaurants, I’m usually left with a choice of the mushroom risotto or one dessert  choice but at Mondo, I have lots to choose from.

The atmosphere is great, they are ‘fine dining’ with crisp white tablecloths but wihtout the poncy service from people in ankle length aprons.  They have a covered ‘outdoors’ area which is heated in winter and the restaurant continues inside where you can see glimpses of the kitchen.

They only serve breakfast on Saturdays and it was nice to be ‘allowed’ to make a booking – many restaurants don’t allow weekend breakfast bookings which can be really annoying.  I only ever want to leave the house on an empty stomach if I can be guaranteed of a substantial breakfast by 11.

For Saturday breakfast, I was tossed between the Breakfast Tart with poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, goat’s chevre (cheese) and pistou (garlic pesto oil) – a wheat free option made it a breakfast stack ($16.50) and a Cassoulet of pork fennel sausages and tomato baked beans with spelt sourdough toast ($17.50).  I ended up going for the Cassoulet because I love sausages.  My friend ordered Tea smoked trout on sautéed green leaves, lemon butter and spelt sourdough soldiers ($18).  We also ordered some crunchy potato squares with aioli ($8.50) to share.

Service was prompt and polite, water came without being asked (I think it should be a standard across all eateries…but usually, it’s just a nice surprise when it happens).  I also ordered a Green Fix juice made with apple, celery and ginger – very refreshing.  My baked bean breakfast came and I was quite disappointed as I only got a sliver of sausage (which was very flavourful) but the rest of the cassoulet was a bit bland and boring, it was tomato based and quite watery and the beans were soft but bland in flavour.  My toast was unbuttered and I really felt I had to salt everything, I was starving though, so gobbled up everything.  The crunchy potato squares (think potato cubes) had a great texture, and very crunchy on the outside  and softly textured on the inside, though also lacked in flavour and tasted better with some salt (good thing they leave dish of it on every table).  My friend’s tea smoked trout was delicious, flaked to the fork but pink and cooked to perfection (as in, not completely done in the middle), it also came with beautifully poached eggs which oozed its yolk perfectly when you cut into it.

After noon, more people start to come in, many with prams and it seems a good place for friends to catch up because it’s different to some of the other ‘trendy’ places for breakfast like Gunshop (when will they change their menus???).  Service isn’t pretentious either and the staff aren’t a bunch of suffering artists who barely crack a smile (Anouk).  There are no queues either (Little Larder) which helps.  There is nothing worse on a Sunday morning than being really hungry and watching other people eat steaming plates of eggs while they’re slowly reading their paper and thinking, HURRY UP, I WANT A TABLE!

Despite my slightly disappointing breakfast, I really want to go back to Mondo, just so I can try other stuff on their breakfast menus.  It’s definitely not just eggs Benedict and scrambled eggs which is a nice change from the norm.