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Steamed, Brisbane October 31, 2012


95 Turbot Street | Brisbane

In a relatively less busy part of Brisbane CBD, under the Roma Street underpass on Turbot Street is where Steamed can be found.  With the new addition to the food scene, it seems as if Brisbane may be finally catching up to the dumpling craze that engulfed Sydney and Melbourne a few years ago.

Steamed is TINY…and while there was a communal table and could probably seat 10, it’s definitely more of a takeaway joint.  And don’t expect fancy surroundings, the whole kit is quite casual, plain and tidy.

Steamed sells only three types of dumplings (pork beef and vegetarian) and a pork bun (NOT BBQ pork bun).  All dumplings are priced at $6 for 4 dumplings (they’re happy for you to mix and match) and the pork buns (called pork cloud here) are $3 each. There are various packages, like 8 dumplings for $10 or 3 dumplings and 1 bun for $7 .  I wanted to try each of everything so I bought the 3 dumplings +1 cloud pack .  For a casual takeaway joint, I thought the dumplings were a bit expensive.

Everything was already cooked and sat in bamboo steamers at the counter (so not steamed to order) so service was quick with a tiny self-serve chili oil and vinegar section where you pick up your little card box of dumplings.

I thought all the dumplings were relatively tasty, my favourite being the pork, but none of them were spectacular.  The pastry was nice and thin though.  The Pork bun was puffy and bready, not as light as I would’ve liked and seemed to have an excessive bread to filling ratio, in saying that though, the filling was tasty also…but again, nothing spectacular.

I found the utensils provided extremely difficult to eat with.  Instead of chopsticks, they provided little two-pronged toothpicks and it was pretty much impossible to pierce and eat the dumplings without having to prod it with my finger. Also, the dumplings stuck to the bottom of the box, so by the time I’ve maneuvered the pick into the dumpling, the wrapping have split open with the filling spilling out.

Overall though, while I thought the dumplings were good, with its location and price…I’m not really hanging to go back but would grab some if I was around the area.

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