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Sushi Nikkou August 23, 2010

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I’m a bit of a sushi snob. I want it to be fresh, authentic and delicious…not too much to ask, right? For ‘Kaiten’ sushi (sushi train) I usually only go to Hanaichi Sushi in the city. My friend convinced me to go to Sushi Nikkou this weekend as she said it was pretty good the last time she’d gone.

We went in and it was bustling busy – very good sign.

I was excited, good sushi without having to pay $15+ for city parking is definitely a bonus.

As sushi came past, with a train in the front, I was disappointed that it took me a while to pick something. Everything was pretty much fried, there was only one plate that had raw seafood on it, everything was what I’d classified as ‘fake’ or ‘westernized’. Nothing wrong with that – after all, I eat Lemon Chicken!

I got a plate of yakitori and it was slathered in a sticky, dark soy sauce (not in a good way). The chicken breast pieces were very dry and I needed lots of sips of water to swallow.

I ordered a plate of scallop sashimi (my favourite sashimi) and it was absolutely disgusting. You can’t really GO wrong with sliced raw scallops unless they are NOT fresh. And these were NOT fresh. Usually scallops are sweet and soft and does not taste fishy at all. These made me gag and nearly throw up in my mouth. Fishy and I didn’t eat more than two pieces.

The rest of the plates I had was fried (I was very wary after that) and most of them were dried and over fried. Also, there were just bags of frozen Oriental Dim Sum variety packs hanging about…so it was just BAD.

After about 30 minutes, a harried waitress came up to us and asked us to leave as they were very busy and needed our table. Couldn’t believe it. Never in my life have I been kicked out of a restaurant whilst I was still eating! And no, it was NOT all-you-can-eat. Atrocious really. Never again, and good luck to the people dining after us. I certainly will NOT be back.


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