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My holiday in dot points! March 4, 2010

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So, I took a 3 and a half week vacation to South East Asia and today is my first day back.  I will probably, at some point, when I get the time, when I get over my post-travel depression and when I’ve sorted out my life, blog my experiences…but here is a brief overview of my vacation…in dot points:

  • Three girls, three and a half weeks, three countries: Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam & Thailand
  • Highlight: Ho Chi Minh City, visiting the Mekong Delta and travelling back to the city by speedboat, they allowed me to ride on top of the speedboat illegally, so it was me and the sunset as it sailed into the city.
  • Mode of transport: Airplane, Bus, cars, row boat, speedboat, elephant, bamboo raft, white water rafts, long boats, tuk tuks, bicycle and motorcycle (for about 100 metres – too scared to ride one by myself without a helmet!)
  • Near Misses: Stepping out of an elevator because it got stuck, having to take the stairs and then a minute later, the carriage crashes to the ground; rickety bamboo hut that I stayed in nearly gets burned down by wild fires and village men and our guides have to douse the hut in water, falling down a mountain, stopped by a tree that thoughtfully ripped through my shirt, gave me a gash and a bruise from armpitt to elbow
  • Gained 5kg and 4 pairs of shoes
  • lost a wallet, two credits cards, my drivers licence and $500
  • smashed my iPhone
  • Experience: Priceless

4 Responses to “My holiday in dot points!”

  1. Emma Says:

    U look really good dressed like that

  2. Elvira Says:

    You forgot to mention in “gained” – the world’s most incredible bruise. It hurts to look at that!

  3. yeeshin Says:

    It’s pretty bad huh??

  4. Ange Says:

    geez Shinny you really know how to travel! lol!

    Can’t wait to catch up in person for the dirty details.


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