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Anise again. Again Awesome February 2, 2010


Sometimes, I feel apprehensive about recommending or raving about a restaurant because I always end up feeling that if the food isn’t great, then it reflects badly on me. My sister ELLE never likes any places I rave about and I always seem to take it a bit personally.

Recently, I’ve been raving about Anise, I went there once a couple of weeks ago and loved it. My friends E&N decided they wanted to go to it too and I must admit, I was a bit nervous until the food arrived and the food spoke for themselves.

I was pleased because the menu had changed since my last visit (which wasn’t that long ago). To start, I had Moreton Bay bugs with sandcrab ravioli and E&N ordered the soup of the day which was a Moreton Bay bug bisque served with thinly sliced, crunchy baguettes.

My Moreton Bay bugs was delicious, tender, cooked perfectly and not at all rubbery, the ravioli was excellent too, pasta thin and the filling full of flavour. I still had major food envy as the bisque came in a cute little tureen and was rich with seafood flavour, delicious.

For mains, I opted for the lamb rack served with mash and asparagus and E&N got lamb and steak. The lamb was cooked, beautifully pink and went lovely with the slightly sweet butter, the mash was smooth without being glue-like. The sauce was a balance of saltiness and sweetness – I ended up wiping my plate with the duck fat, truffle salt potatoes.

Oh, the potatoes…these were the best potatoes ever, we ordered two serves, probably a bit too much, but it was great. Super crunchy cubes with an earthy truffle aftertaste, I could’ve just had that and nothing else. I didn’t try E&N’s steak, served with a potato terrine and horseradish cream but they said it was very, very good.

As the restaurant is very small, you’re never looking around for a waiter, and despite the close proximity to other diners (everyone is seated at the bar), I never felt that other people were listening in on my conversation or that I was uncomfortable.

The first time I went to Anise, I didn’t think the desserts were particularly spectacular and I thought that again this time. My Mille Fuelle was fine, the raspberries – very sweet, the curd – creamy, the sorbet – refreshing, the pastry – bit hard, not as light as I imagined it could be – totally acceptable but definitely nothing spectacular.

E&N thought their crème brulee and blackberry ice-cream was divine, so perhaps my expectations for desserts are a bit too high?

It’s absolutely delicious though, and as I write this, I have reservations to go to Anise again this Saturday.

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