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Nip it in the Bud December 24, 2009

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One of my favourite things to order from a menu is pork belly, I love the crispy crunchy crackling and the fatty meat, full of flavour.  I invited KK over to dinner and decided to try my hand at this ‘cheap’ meat.  I went to the butcher’s and got a nice big slab of pork belly and went home.

The recipe I was following was Gordon Ramsey’s Pressed Pork Belly.  I love Gordon Ramsey recipes, though sometimes a bit process-y, they always taste delicious.  It said to score the fat and rub oil, salt and pepper on it, as I was doing this, I noticed that there were a few nipples on the slab of meat.  Makes sense when you think about it.

Now, I’ve never come across what to do with nipples on a piece of meat (for eating) or seen on TV what you do with nipples.  Do you trim it? Or leave it on? As my hands were slicked with oil, I decided to just leave the nipples on there…and in case you were wondering, there were definitely not mistaken them for nipples.

I promptly forgot about the nipples when it came to eating the pork belly, they were delicious, and the crackling crunchy and the nipples were too.

I went to work and asked some of my foodie colleagues and most of them were disgusted by my question, so we Googled it.  If there are nipples, you’re suppose to clip them off, and if there are hair, you have to singe them off with a blow torch…luckily, my pig was hairless…so I must apologise to my friend KK for serving her pig nipples for dinner.  She told me it was delicious.


One Response to “Nip it in the Bud”

  1. Thuyt Says:

    hehehe… classic, i love pork belly

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