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Assembling of an Engagement Cake November 29, 2009

You know what’s crazy?  Offering to bake someone a cake for their Engagement.  You know what’s even more crazy?  When said offeror has only made one other cake for someone and that was for her three year old nephew’s birthday who showed her a rock in a box and said, “Look eggs!”.


Nine hours, a dozen eggs, a kilo of butter, even more of that of sugar, sweat, loads of dish washing – this.


The cake is equivalent to 6 batches of cake and is made up of a 9 inch pan, a 7 inch pan and a 5 inch pan.  I lined the pans’ sides and filled the cake to the rip so that the cake rose was about 7 centimetres high.  The top tier, I tried to slice into two using my new cake slicer that I bought from ebay for about $8 or $9 but it came out uneven so the remaing cakes were all divided into three and filled with salted butter cream.

After frosting all three cakes, I then had to crumbcoat each cake, and then frost them.  In the midst of all of this, I ran out of the double batch of butter cream I’d made (I underestimated how much frosting I’d need to fill and crumb coat the cakes).  So I had to take butter out of the fridge to soften, and then make another batch of buttercream.  The second batch, I used a slightly different recipe (no shortening ) and the buttercream was a lot lighter and didn’t set like the previous batch.  You can see the difference between the two frosting.  The first tier was frosted with the first batch of buttercream, and the bottom two cakes were frosted with the second batch of butter cream.

After frosting and sitting on the floor and carving the supporting rods (dowels) out and then putting the cakes together (this caused me some stress)…it was time to decorate the cakes.  I’d decided on fondant flowers…which made me a bit aprehensive.  I’ve worked with fondant twice and I think it’s seriously hard to work with.  It is NOT like on YouTube where it looks like it’s so easy to play with.  My fondants are sticky and don’t stay the shape I want it to.  I made white, light pink, and pink flowers using flower cutters I’d bought.  They were plastic cutters and from now on, I might just buy metal ones, the plastic cutters don’t cut as cleanly – in my opinion and leaves a slight edge to them unless I jiggle the cutters around a bit.  Maybe they weren’t the faciest cutters maybe?  I haphazardly placed the flowers on, cascading down one end, and dotted each one with cachous (glued on with buttercream) and then finished the sides and backs with a few random flowers here and there.


I breathed a sigh of relief I got it to my friend’s house in one piece and was suitably chuffed when everyone commented on its look and its taste!  🙂


One Response to “Assembling of an Engagement Cake”

  1. Ange Says:

    It was a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, just incredible!! Thank you so much! XO

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