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Breadtop | Garden City, Brisbane November 18, 2009

When I was a child, I absolutely hated eating bread.  I remember clearly, one Saturday morning, my Auntie had put toast in front of me for breakfast and I refused to eat it, doing the whole kicking and screaming thing because I hated bread and I hated toast and also because I was  a brat.  I also remember that my Auntie said that if I didn’t eat my breakfast, I wouldn’t be allowed to watch the parade that was going past our place that morning.  At the age of eight, I stubbornly sat at the breakfast table staring at the wall refusing to eat my breakfast and thus missing the passing parade, probably felt hungry too.


About five years ago, an amazing doctor that I met in Japan told me (through colour therapy and alternate medicine) that the stomach pains I frequently experience, the skin afflictions I’ve suffered from since I was two were because of my intolerance to wheat – when I say skin affliction, I’m talking about itchy boil-like blisters, peeling dry skin, split bloody skin.  So bad when I was young that I could barely walk without traipsing blood all over the kitchen tiles.  When I was in school, people wouldn’t shake my hands because my hands were very, very rough and I had to sleep with Vaseline coating my feet.  I’m sure this is a lot more information than you need…but I digress.  After two weeks of a wheat free diet, my skin completely cleared up (I’ve never even seen my skin sans blisters), I stopped feeling sick and ironically, ever since I stopped eating wheat, the biggest craving I get is bread.  Typical, isn’t it?


I cheat all the time, and suffer badly for it – because I don’t eat wheat all (most) of the time, whenever I do, my stomach pains are 50 times worse, I feel very sick, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep any second and my skin break out in painful sores pretty much the next day.  I know it’s crazy why I keep doing it to myself, but it explains why smokers still smoke despite knowing that it gives them cancer, heart diseases etc etc.


Breadtop, a franchise that’s comfortably ensconced in Sydney and Melbourne opened its first Brisbane store in Garden City and the glow of the golden, shiny breads, the beckoning trays had me grabbing buns left, right and center, and to hell with feeling sick for the next few days.


I bought many, many goodies and all their breads are quite reasonably priced, the more expensive treats being the cold, decorated cakes in their pastry cases.  I just went basic and got a variety of breads that I could place onto my tray myself.

This was a kani korrokke (seafood croquette) with mayo in a split roll, I had thought it was fish finger and was very pleasantly surprised as I love kani korrokke.  The croquette was cold, but beautifully smooth and creamy in amongst the sweet roll.  I must warn those who don’t like slightly sweet breads avoid Bread Top.

One of my other favourite cheating foods is chicken pies (I also love egg noodles), so I got this chicken and mushroom roll which was topped with a square of puff pastry.  The filling was slightly sweet, creamy and was lovely with the soft, doughy bread.  The puff pastry square was very mild, didn’t offer any crunch or buttery goodness.  My half eaten rolls definitely don’t convey how great these sweet breads are.

Apologies again for the half eaten rolls, I only remember to take pictures after I’ve taken a few generous bites.  The green tea and red bean roll was dusted lightly with icing sugar and quite true to macha green tea, the red bean paste wasn’t overly sweet and roughly mashed.  I prefer my red bean paste smoother and sweeter.

The purple hued taro roll looked like a cinnamon scroll with the swirls at the top and was swirled throughout with taro paste, it was rich and delicious, probably one of my favourite breads,

My next favourite roll was the coconut and milk roll, dolloped at the top with a bit of custard.  I call this the butter roll, which brings me back to my childhood when I use to run around Malaysia with these coconut-y, sweet and buttery filled rolls.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate half a bag of these (a plastic bag of 6 slightly smaller rolls) in one sitting along with all the other baked goods I had.


I also bought a green tea soufflé roll which was soft, spongy and strong in green tea flavour – sorry, no photos for this one.  All this bounty? Plus a bag of 6 smaller green tea, red bean filled rolls, only set me back $18 something!


I’d like to say that it was all worth it, and at the time it was, but I definitely paid for it the next day.


5 Responses to “Breadtop | Garden City, Brisbane”

  1. Jo Jo Says:

    I went there today and got some for me and my boys.. it is packed as always, turn around is so high to ensure the freshest bread on display.. very yummy and the boys loved it (refuse to share.. AT ALL).. I think it might be my must stop shop now for Garden City.

  2. yeeshin Says:

    Isn’t it great?! I had some bread today and am feeling very, very sick right now…that might’ve been my last visit. 😦

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  4. […] you read my dieting blog: Love My Fries, Hate My Thighs, you’ll know that I went to Bread Top and I bought a bag of taro fill buns, a bag of butter coconut buns and a taro gateaux and ate them […]

  5. Grace Says:

    Your bread-eating dedication is kinda inspiring! I will never take Asian buns for granted again haha

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