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Two Small Rooms | Milton Rd | Toowong November 12, 2009

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There are all these great restaurants offering 2 course lunches + a glass of wine for $30 at the moment, and I’ve always wanted to try it out, but alas, working the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday slog has always prevented me from doing so. However, as I’m on HOLIDAYS, I could finally sample it! I decided to kill two birds with one stone because I’ve been meaning to go to Two Small Rooms too.

My friend and I met up for lunch there and instead of 2 courses for $30, we thought we may as well also get dessert for $40 + a glass of wine (or softdrink, coffee etc). The restaurant looks like a converted house on a busy street, consisting of, surprise, surprise, two small rooms! It’s intimiate and cosy, probably only fitting about 20 or so people in the whole restaurant. There was a couple of diners in the restaurant when we got seated at about 12.

The lunch menu consisted of three entrees (vegetarian: tomato and mozerella salad, seafood: salt and pepper squid with aioli and meat (friend’s choice) : Pork belly with garlic puree (my choice), mains (vegetarian: asparagus risotto (I spied the next table eating this and it was a beautiful bright green), seafood: crab omelette (my choice) and meat: sirloin steak with shoe string fries (friend’s choice), dessert: passionfruit panacotta, housemade selection trio ice-cream and cheese and bread).

After we’d ordered, we were both given a small chunk of bread with a small dish of unsalted butter. It is actually my first time eating bread with unsalted butter, and I must say that I prefer salted butter with bread. Nevertheless, the bread was chewy, the butter, a cool but spreadable temperature.

Salt and Pepper Squid with aioli

The meals came pretty quickly, the salt and pepper squid, crispy and not oily and my friend appreciated that it came with a lime wedge rather than the requisite lemon. We couldn’t really figure out what the black streak on the plate was, but we guessed it as being squid ink.

Pork belly with cucumber and garlic puree

My twice cooked pork belly didn’t have a crackling top, the crackling top had been removed, crushed into a powder and then sprinkled on top and cooked, it produced a beautiful thin crispy crust which I savoured, the cucumber ribbons were refreshing and cooling against the tender pork, but I felt the pork lacked flavour, and had to add some salt, I would’ve loved more sauce to go with it. The garlic puree was true in roasted garlic flavour without any raw bitey garlic flavour.

Steak and shoe string fries

The steak must be a smaller version than what would usually be served on the dinner menu, it was a thin piece of sirloin, probably better served in a steak sandwich. I thought it was cooked beautifully, the sauce was rich and tasty, the steak, despite how thin, was not overcooked, rare in the middle, my friend prefers her steak medium, so I happily obliged and finished it for her.

Crab Omelette with Stir Fried Shoots, Sprouts & Namprik Sauce

My omelette was just that. An omelette, it was soft, and slightly crips on the outside, but I had to eat quite a bit before I got to any crab, the crab flavour was not strong, but I was pleased that it was crab and not seafood extender. The dish was very Asian inspired and I enjoyed the tangy sauce that went with it. It’s apparently Nam prik sauce, nam prik is a Thai fish paste sauce but I didn’t taste any spice or fish, it tasted more like a caramelly coloured BBQ sauce.

Passionfruit Pannacotta

Desserts arrived beautifully plated, the passionfruit pannacotta was absolutely delicious, smooth and mousse like, and not too hard and wobbled, as it should, like a woman’s breast. Tasted very true to passionfruit without any sour bite and was served with homemade vanilla bean ice-cream (beautifully flecked with black beans) and pistacio crumble.

Trio of Housemade ice-creams

The trio of ice-cream flavours were vanilla, musk and ginger. My favourite being the ginger, which had a mild ginger taste, like ginger bread biscuits and was not overpowering like some ginger desserts can be, the musk ice-cream was pink and sweet and went beautifully with the crunch of the pistachio crumble, the vanilla ice-cream, smooth and creamy, and flecked, just the way I like it. I am officially addicted to pistachio crumble, I want to learn how to make it!!

Overall, the meals were simple, definitely more casual and simple than what I’d expect with clean flavours, and nothing complicated. I’d be interested to see if their dinner menu is more exciting, my favourite part of the meal was definitely the dessert.


One Response to “Two Small Rooms | Milton Rd | Toowong”

  1. Ange Says:

    I had dinner at two small rooms once, and found the food to be great, but a little pretentious – everything had “dust” on it – liquorice “dust” on the steak, truffle “dust” on something else… it tasted great though!

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