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Blue Smoke BBQ has fizzled! September 13, 2009

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I’ve been to Blue Smoke BBQ numerous times in the past and have always liked it.  They used to be in the Entertainment book and they do 50 cents Buffalo Wings on Wednesdays.  They have become really popular so they’re no longer in the book and it seems that they no longer need to provide good service or good food.  My last visit last week was deeply disappointing.

I made an reservation a week before and they’re so busy, they now do two seatings per night.  One at 5:30 (who manages to get to a restaurant for dinner at 5:30??) or 7:30, I booked a table for two at 7:30.   We arrived a bit before 7:30 and the restaurant staff was resetting the tables for the second seating.  Despite us having a booking, despite the restaurant being empty, despite the fact that my dinner guest was 5 ft tall, they decided to seat us at the front of the restaurants on the high bar table and stools intended for people to have drinks at.  Not only that, we had to wait like 5 minutes before we were served because the staff was busy chatting to each other.  Oh yeah, we weren’t shown to our table either, the waitress just pointed to our stools and said “That one”, how incredibly rude.

To start, we shared a house smoked salmon which came promptly.  It was actually pretty good, the fish flaked off in pieces, was slightly sweet and not too salty.  I kept waiting for the corn bread (which I know is served complimentary during dinner) but our mains came and the corn bread didn’t, I just thought, maybe they did away with the corn bread along with the hospitality?  However, I was very put out when the owner, Steve, presented the next table with corn bread and then telling them it was complimentary.  When I asked about the corn bread, they acted like I was being greedy!  Oh, and when the corn bread came, the waiter, who was seriously one step away from our table, his friends came in and he decided to kiss and chat with them, seat them at their table before eventually bringing the (now cold) corn bread to us.  Could it get any worse?

It certainly can.  I was really looking forward to the pork belly, I can never go past a pork belly on the menu, but alas, the pork belly is no longer on the menu.  I chose the dry rubbed pork ribs (I believed it was called Tennesse Ribs) and my guest ordered the Kansas pork ribs.  The Kansas pork ribs had a tangy bbq kick to it and was super saucy.  It was very, very dry.  So were my ribs, my ribs were had a spicy dry rub and it was extremely hard to swallow (because of how dry it was).  Not tasty at all.  The beer battered fries were crunchy but way too salty (and I like lots of flavour usually) and the homemade coleslaw (which I used to love) was soggy and oozing milky water.

I usually always have room for dessert, but the dessert menu was truly lacking in inspiration consisting of some brownies and a baked cheesecake, I couldn’t even be bothered.

It seems like along with the popularity Blue Smoke BBQ has gained, good service and quality food has gone down the drain.  Such a shame, my guest had been really looking forward to it, and we left feeling completely unsatisfied.

Blue Smoke BBQ | 9/85 Merthyr Rd, New Farm | (07) 3358 1922 |


One Response to “Blue Smoke BBQ has fizzled!”

  1. Emma Says:

    oh, that’s a shame, it used to be so good! Do they still have the Wednesday wings special?

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