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Restaurant Manx – Lame August 24, 2009

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One of the most annoying thing is going out for dinner, hoping for a nice experience, and then getting something really mediocre, even worse than that.  The thing that annoys even more is when I open up a magazine, and read a glowing review about the place!

Such was the case when I went to Restaurant Manx recently for dinner.  The restaurant is in Portside, you know, it’s a flash, fine dining venue.  I did not have such a great experience when I was there however.

My friend and I were seated in the foyer near the entrance with really lightweight tables that would skid across the floor when you moved a bit, bad start.  The waitress that served us was really rough and spoke to us as if we’re in a café ordering coffee.  It was very casual and not altogether friendly.  I’m not such a snob that I expect to be spoken with in an uppity accent, but she was just…rough.


I ordered scallops to start which were cooked beautifully, but then were marked by absolutely tart and sour citrus fruits that were dotted around the plate.  The scallops were the only thing that was done well, because everything else was a disappointment.

My duck looked beautiful, looked pink and tender but were actually tough and dry. The skin was way too fatty and not at all crispy.  Didn’t have much flavour either, but I guess after you chew a piece of meat for about 12 minutes, you sort of start to forget what flavour it had.  The duck was supposed to be served with puy lentils, there were no lentils, all I got was some green peas.  And I don’t have any problems differentiating between puy lentils and peas.  The zucchini flowers – which I usually love, were soggy, filled with sloppy cheese and looked sad and pathetic on the plate.

Apple Tarte Tartin and Chocolate Souffle

Apple Tarte Tartin and Chocolate Souffle

My dessert didn’t end on a high note either.  The apple tarte tartin with ginger crumble came, looking rather sad, lopsided and fittingly topped off with melted ice-cream.  Just the thing to top of a rather disappointing dinner.  I have a sweet tooth, but even this was too sweet.  It felt like they’d didn’t make a decent caramel so decided to drizzle the whole thing with honey.  Not good.

Overall, I found the whole experience very disappointing, we were seated in the foyer, like we weren’t even allowed in the restaurant, the service was brusque, the food sounded exciting, tasted bad and I definitely won’t be going back.


2 Responses to “Restaurant Manx – Lame”

  1. Emma Says:

    looked good in pictures though!
    also, half of the photos are cut in half.

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