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Souffle – Attempt no. 2 – SUCCESS! White Chocolate and Lime… July 19, 2009

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I feel like I’ve been able to jog 30 minutes straight without having to stop!  Ok…maybe that would be bigger feat, but I baked souffles today and they worked!  I found a base recipe and just tweaked it, by adding my own flavours – in this case, white chocolate and limes.  I think it works…it’s a perfumed sweetness, I might have to add more limes next time, and maybe some pistacios as well.  Anyways, these were lovely, sweet and light and I really enjoyed it – really easy too! Here’s my recipe:

White Chocolate and Lime Souffle



5 egg yolks (I used organic free range minimum size 60g each)
200ml of milk
180g of white chocolate
2 tbls of corn flour
zest of two limes
zest of two lime juice

Egg white Mix

5 egg whites
125g of caster sugar


Softened butter
caster sugar


  1. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees (fan forced).
  2. Butter the ramekins with a bristle brush in a upward stroke and coat with caster sugar and stick it in the fridge.
  3. Whisk milk and corn flour together in a pan over medium heat, it’ll become the consistency of paste, keep whisking to prevent lumps.
  4. Once it’s in a paste like mixture, take it off the heat and add the lime juice, zest and the chocolate.  Keep whisking, and then add the egg yolks and whisk until all the chocolate pieces are melted and mixture is smooth. Set aside.
  5. With an electric mixer, whisk egg whites until soft peaks, add the sugar in three parts, whisking each time. Should have soft peaks and be glossy.
  6. Add one big dollop of egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture and mix.  Next add the rest of the egg whites into the rest of the mixture in fold gently.
  7. I used a ladle, and I ladled the final mixture into the ramekins, making sure there are no drips on the side.
  8. Bake it for 10 – 12 minutes.
  9. Dust with icing sugar and serve immediately – I suggest pouring cream, sorbet, biscotti or vanilla ice-cream.

So easy and yummy. 🙂



Chocolate Souffle: Take 1 July 11, 2009

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Chocolate Souffle Souffle is one of those things that I think every one thinks will be really difficult to make, so no one ever tries to make it and just end up ordering it restaurants.  I love them, I like how they are light but is full of sweetly goodness.  The last great souffle I had was at Mondo – please read my Mondo post – which was pistacio souffle, really enjoyed that.  I’ve had chocolate souffles as well, but I didn’t like it as much as it tasted really bitter.

It was actually a really simple recipe.  I gave my 7 year old nephew the task of grating the chocolate.  This turned out to be a huge mistake because he ended up grating some of the foil encasing the chocolate and I had to dump half of it out.  All the other ingredients were really easily accessible too – no wheat flour either, only corn flour, something I think is in every Chinese kitchen.


For the dishes

  • 25 g unsalted butter for greasing
  • finely grated Chocolate – no foil preferably

Crème pâtissière

  • 20 g Cornflour
  • 200 ml Milk
  • 200 g Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa solids, chopped
  • 80 g egg yolks

Egg white mixture

  • 200 g egg whites
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder for decoration

1. Oven is at 180 degrees.  I brushed the ramekins with softened in an upward stroke and then poured grated chocolate in so that it was all coated inside.

2. I whisked the cornflour with the milk and put it on heat, once it started boiling, it started looking like sticky, claggy paste – did not expect that, with my nephew’s help, I added all the chunks of chocolate in (off heat) and once smooth (as best as I could get it, given I was mixing it with glue) and then added the egg yolks.  Then I transferred it into a big bowl to cool.

3. Beat the egg whites to soft peaks stage and then I added the sugar and whisked in three parts.

4. Added a big dollop of whites to the choc mix and stirred it around and then added the rest of the whites and folded it in.

5. Poured it into the ramekins, tried as best as I could to clean up the ramekins and stuffed it in the oven.

6. On the recipe, apparently you bake it for 6 – 8 minutes. I took it out, I rose, but not significantly, it wasn’t really set…it was like warm chocolate mousse-pot things, my nephew looked pretty pleased when he was eating it.

I shoved it back in the oven and gave it a bit more time, and it came out, tasting deliciously light, sweet, chocolate but not heavy.  I was a bit disappointed, I want it to rise so that it’d look really impressive!

For next time, I’m going to try:

– Using a piping bag to pipe the souffle into the ramekins – no mess

– cleaning the edge more so it doesn’t ‘stick’

– giving it more time in the oven so it rises – or a even a hotter oven.

I’ll keep you posted on the next attempt, meanwhile, do you have any suggestions on how I can improve the rise of the souffle??


Weekend’s Feeding Frenzy – Mondo | Lure | Moo Moo | Max Brenner | Koi July 7, 2009

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Well, right now, I’m still so full from the weekend’s past’s food frenzy, I don’t really know if I’m going to do any of these restaurants justice.

I guess I’m still in the midst of trying to feel better so I’ve been dining out more than ever – another excuse, I know alot of people whose birthday falls in July – there’s a few more coming up this month and we’re only in the first week!  This food blog will be much condensed…rather like sweetened condensed milk…arrrr.

Pistacio Souffle with lemon ice-cream

Pistacio Souffle with lemon ice-cream

Mondo | West End

Mondo has got to be one of my favourite restaurants.  It encompasses all the things that I think are important in an enjoyable dining experience: ambience, great food, interesting menu that changes seasonally, understated service – which is actually hard to find.  There are restaurants where their service is WAY too poncy and it makes you feel really uncomfortable, or service which is rude and abrubt, or service that is really fake.  I will admit that I’ve actually been to Mondo three times in the last two weeks and each time, the service has been friendly, just as it should be, but not overly so. I’m there to eat, I don’t really want to talk about my day…you get what I mean.  Also, their entrees, mains and desserts are all equally good.

Anyways, the food: I enjoyed the amuse-bouche which was cold truffle soup with spelt bred – came in a shot glass, smooth, creamy with a real depth of flavour, as in, the flavour lingers in your mouth, but not like garlic.  I ordered pan roasted fish with creamed leeks and it was delicious.  Fish is fish – as long as it’s not overcooked – the fish was cooked perfectly, white, flakey and still moist, the creamed leeks were absolutely delicious, creamy, full of flavour, I really felt like licking my plate – lucky I’m a lady and don’t do that sort of stuff.  Dessert was Pistacio Souffle with lemon ice-cream, very light and sweet.  It was a perfect end to my meal but I think the portions for the souffle could be smaller because of how sweet it was, the lemon ice-cream wasn’t a sorbet and was creamy and sharp.  Mondo is definitely worth the multiple visit.

Lure | Milton

Lure has won a few best seafood restaurant awards for a number of years in a row.  They have an open kitchen which is a great spectacle – but don’t wear your best clothes because you end up smelling smokey at the end of the night.  Live crabs and crawfish was found at the bar – done in a way that makes it look nice – not like in Chinese restaurants where you end up feeling sorry for the tied up shellfish.  I’ve been to Lure a couple of times, and the draw card for me are the Rockerfella Oysters – which, once again stole the show.

I had the tasting entree plate: Soft shelled crabs – which was crispy with Asian greens, Scallops – served without the roe (bonus), soft, not rubbery with a creamy sauce, tuna and salmon sashimi, the tuna sashimi had a great sesame oil dressing and seaweed, the oysters were fresh – no fishy smell. The Rockerfella Oysters – Amazing. So good that I had to get another half a dozen, topped with a spinach cream and salmon roe, just couldn’t get enough, the oysters weren’t rubbery either – the way Kilpatrick can get sometimes.  For my main, I got barramundi which was ok…nothing spectacular or particularly memorable actually.  Dessert, I got a blood orange cheese cake which sounds a lot more exciting than it really is – I seriously think I can make a better cheesecake.  Next time I go there, I’m only going to order the oysters, I don’t seem to really remember anything else I had there.

Moo Moo | Broadbeach

I really liked the fitout of this restaurant, from the outside, you see their bar which had lots of contemporary pendant lighting and walls of cow hides.  The restaurant gave me the impression of a high-end steakhouse, wooden and leather tables and leather club-like chairs with some very rustic elements – especially the random dry stack rock wall at the kitchen.  I ordered a Mooooo Moo cocktail which just tastes like a chocolate milkshake only alcoholic.  My entree of crab cakes was alright – it was a bit overfried, had a distict red Thai curry paste flavours but the accompanying sauce – though bright and full of colour was practically tasteless.  The Master Kobe – which is the speciality was too expensive for my budget at $120.  So, I ended up just ordering an eye fillet from their specialty beef section.  $42 buys a piece of steak and 4 cherry tomatoes, I had to order a sauce – I chose bernaise for $3.90, sides of french green beans and caramelised onions for $8.  Paying nearly $55 for a main means I had high expectations…I have to say I was a bit disappointed.  Yes, the steak was cooked perfectly (medium rare), had been rested – no oozing blood, but it wasn’t overly hot…not even warm.  It was one of the finest (grain) beef I’ve ever had, did sort of melt in the mouth, but the bernaise was a bit strange tasting – too much taragon? And the beans were beans – bit oily, but the onions were tasty.  I was way too full for dessert but unless it was a special occasion for a steak lover, I don’t know if I’d make the trek just for steak.  The service was very good, prompt, unobtrusive and efficient.  And no, the waits staff do not dance, chant or yodle.

Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle

Max Brenner | Marina Mirage

I’m going to keep this one short.  The souffle is actually more of a fondant and you should order it with ice-cream as it’s a bit too rich without the cream to balance it.

Koi | Broadbeach

Worse service ever.  Don’t ever go there.  Ever.