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Food Therapy June 13, 2009

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I have always said that I’m not one of those people who drown my sorrows in alcohol…I’m more likely to bury my sorrows in food.

Friday night was one of those nights. Not that I had a major binge or anything like that…was feeling low so my friend decided I needed to be cheered up with food. If you mention food, I’m usually easily pleased.

We went to Verve in Edward Street in Brisbane. It’s underground, and has a great atmosphere usually (although the fact that it is underground usually means that it’s very noisy and any hope of eves dropping at the next table is out of the question). The cafe/bistro (I see bistro EVERYWHERE these days – I just checked Wiki and they say, Bistro – Bistrot, its original Parisian incarnation, a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting. Bistros are defined mostly by the foods they serve.Β  Slow-cooked foods like braised meats are typical. Bistro patrons do not necessarily expect professional service or printed menus. I guess Bistro describes Verve to some extent, small restaurant, the food isn’t expensive…not a lot of slow-cooked foods though. Pizza, pastas and some ‘plated’ meals feature on the menu.

I’ve been there numerous times, usually alternating between gnocchi, pasta or pizza and love the fact that it’s pretty casual and the food is good and the prices are really reasonable. Oh yeah, they also do gluten free pasta and pizza…important for me. I was quite disappointed last night because the WHOLE point of it was to cheer me up!! My friend and I shared beer battered chips drizzled with balsamic syrup served with aioli (teeny portion) and tomato chutney thing. It was good…then the pizza came. I’d ordered a chicken and caramelised onion pizza on gluten free base. I’ve had it before, and usually it’s good.

Gluten free pizzas are hit and miss…but that should be another blog another day.

Anyways, the pizza arrived but not overly hot. You know when the cheese still has that crumbly texture rather than meltiness and the chicken was still a bit hard. So I asked the sullen, ‘I’m such an artist, too cool to smile’ scarf wearing waitress to heat it (as in – run it through the oven again) and it came back hot, chees oozing and melting, base…SOGGY.

WHY WOULD YOU MICROWAVE IT???? So disappointed that I left half of the pizza uneaten! (My friend was shocked….so was I to be honest).

Anyways…so it didn’t go quite as I intended…so now I’m about to tuck into some tried and tested food therapy remedies. Quick, surefire and totally delicious for the 80cents per pack. Mi Goreng – with fried egg. I’m likely to go to bed with a serious stomach ache and wake up with rashes on my face, hands and feet…but at least I know it won’t be soggy. I feel better just thinking about it.


6 Responses to “Food Therapy”

  1. Diana Says:

    Now i see why u should be one of the judges rather than a contestant on Masterchef :p

    And here’s some love for u my dear xxx …good first blog πŸ™‚

  2. Matyi Says:

    Wow, bit of a disappointment for Verve.. I always go for the risotto. That’s never bad..

  3. tt Says:

    wow, i can’t believe they just zapped it in the microwave! great first blog yeeshin, look forward to many more

  4. Jo Jo Says:

    Should come to my house for some home cook meal by Kev.. Eating out are so over rated…

    Hope the therapy work and you do feel better..

  5. Yeeteng Says:

    That was disappointing

  6. Ange Says:

    ew! love the description of the waitresses there – too true! disappointing pizza bad!

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